General Rules

Anand Public School

  • Timely notice will given to parents with regards to the opening and closing of school.
  • Parents are earnestly requested not to call their wards during class. This has a disturbing effect on the children and such requests will not be entertained.
  • Students who do not sit for the final examination or who fail to reach the required standard will not be promoted.
  • An inspection parade is held daily before class. All students must be present 10 minutes before school commences.
  • Students without uniform are not allowed to attend their classes.
  • Students are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct and good behavior both in and outside the school.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity, punctuality, cleanliness and a sense of discipline in the children.
  • Parents are to take care that children must do their homework and come well prepared to the school.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of anything of the student, but any loss should be reported to the principal/class teacher immediately.
  • The school diary is a compulsory information book for each student, which serves as a source of information about the activities of the school and a link between the school and the guardians.
  • No student will be permitted to leave the school premises during the Recess/Tiffin break, or during school hours.
  • The office will remain closed on Sunday & on all Public Holidays.
  • Fee once paid will not be refundable or adjustable.