Student Rules


90% of attendance is required for the students in order to appear at any of the examination held in the school. A student being absent continuously for 15 days without any information will be considered as having left the school and his/her name will be struck off the rolls.
Note : - Re-admission can be granted after paying the full dues.

Following are required from the student

  • Attendance school the prescribed uniform only. Be neat, clean and tidy. Be punctual in the classes.
  • Computer their home – works regularly.
  • Lodge application of leave or absent (In advance. Except any student casualty) which must be countersigned by the guardian/parent.
  • Accompany school diary, note books, text books and other required stationary in the class.
  • Possess their identity card while attending the school.
  • Ensure not to take/misuse/harm any of the school property.
  • Not to bring any article other than the articles prescribed in para 4 & 5 only, above.
  • Following all the rules/regulation/direction of the school.
  • Official enquiries are entertained during office hours only. It is requested that official enquiries may not be made beyond office hours.

Fines are imposed on students under the following circumstances.

  • Absence without leave.
  • Reporting late after vacations.
  • In case of indiscipline & unruly behaviors.
  • Non – payment of school fees on fixed date.
  • Damage to school property such as furniture, fittings, lab equipments etc.
  • Misconduct/misbehavior.
  • The school administration reserves all rights to order removal of a student in case of
  • - Acts of gross indiscipline
  • - In case of highly contagious disease.
  • - If the presence and influence of a particular student is considered to be harmful for the student community as a whole.
  • Such removal can be ordered at any time whenever deemed fit. Parents/Guardians are liable to clear all dues before student is handed over to them.