Admission Procedure

01. Application Submission

- Parents or guardians interested in admitting their child to Anand Public School should complete and submit the admission application form. Application forms are available either online through our school website or in person at the school's administrative office.

02. Document Verification

- Upon receiving the application, our admission team will review the submitted documents, including the student's birth certificate, academic records from the previous school (if applicable), and any additional documents requested during the application process.

Anand Public School Sabour Bhagalpur

Anand Public School

Admission Procedure

03. Entrance Examination/Assessment

- Depending on the grade level, students may be required to undergo an entrance examination or assessment to evaluate their academic readiness. This step helps ensure that the student is placed in an appropriate grade level.

04. Interaction/Interview

- An interaction or interview session may be scheduled with the student and parents to understand the child's interests, goals, and any specific educational needs. This step also provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions and learn more about Anand Public School.

05. Admission Offer

- Successful candidates will receive an admission offer from Anand Public School. The offer will include details such as the grade level, applicable fees, and other relevant information. Parents are required to confirm acceptance by the specified deadline.

06. Fee Payment and Documentation

- Once the admission offer is accepted, parents need to complete the necessary paperwork and submit the required documentation. This may include health records, transfer certificates, and any other documents specified by the school.

07. Orientation Program

- New students and their parents are invited to attend an orientation program to familiarize themselves with the school's policies, facilities, and academic programs. This provides an opportunity to meet teachers, staff, and fellow students.

08. Commencement of Classes

- The academic year begins on the scheduled start date, and the new students officially join their respective classes.
Anand Public School strives to make the admission process as transparent and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact our admissions office.