Examination Procedure

01. Examination Schedule

- The examination schedule, including dates and subjects for each grade level, is communicated to students and parents at the beginning of the academic year. Any changes to the schedule are promptly communicated.

02. Study Material Distribution

- Well in advance of examinations, study materials, including syllabi, textbooks, and any additional resources, are provided to students. Teachers ensure clarity on the topics to be covered.

Anand Public School Sabour Bhagalpur

Anand Public School

Examination Procedure

03. Examination Types

Anand Public School conducts a variety of examinations, including:
Formative Assessments (FA): Continuous assessment through quizzes, projects, and class participation.
Summative Assessments (SA): End-of-term examinations assessing overall understanding of subjects.

4. Examination Hall Guidelines

- Prior to each examination, students are briefed on examination hall guidelines. These include rules regarding seating arrangements, conduct, and the use of any permitted materials.

5. Invigilation

- Trained invigilators oversee the examination process to maintain a secure and fair environment. They ensure that students adhere to examination rules and regulations.

6. Evaluation

- Answer sheets are collected, and evaluations are conducted by qualified and impartial examiners. Evaluation criteria are transparent and aligned with the academic standards set by Anand Public School.

7. Result Declaration

- Examination results, including individual scores and grades, are communicated to students and parents in a timely manner. Any areas of improvement or concerns are highlighted, and individual feedback may be provided.

8. Parent-Teacher Meetings

- Parent-teacher meetings are scheduled following the release of examination results. These meetings provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss a student's academic progress, address concerns, and set goals for improvement.

9. Remedial Classes

- If needed, Anand Public School offers remedial classes or additional support to students who may require extra assistance in specific subjects.

10. Continuous Monitoring

- Anand Public School maintains a continuous monitoring system to track students' progress throughout the academic year, ensuring that timely interventions are made to support their learning journey.
At Anand Public School, our examination procedure is designed to be fair, transparent, and supportive of each student's academic growth. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to our academic team.